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Salem's Lot by Stephen King
Identifying First Edition Points of Issue

Salem's Lot first editon by Stephen King Front Cover

Front Cover of First Trade Edition

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Salem's Lot by Stephen King - First edition points of issue.

Year Published: 1975

ISBN: 0-385-00751-5

Publisher: Doubleday

Pages: 439


Price: $8.95 or $7.95 (See First Edition Points of Issue below for more details)

Book Size: 5.75 x 85

Copyright page: First editor is stated “First Edition”

Salem's Lot 1st Edition Copyright Page

First Edition Total Publication: Estimated to be 20,000

First Edition Points of Issue: Date code Q37 on page 439.

Binding: Quarter bound in black cloth with red boards

Paste Down Color: White

Dust Jacket: A NEW NOVEL, without anchor on the spine

Dedication: For Naomi Rachel King '...promises to keep.'

This book had many problems when first published. Specifically the dust jacket has a number of states. The first and second states have a significantly higher value than later states.

  • First State: Issued with a price of $8.95 and main character referred to as Father Cody (a mistake should be Callahan) in flap description. This state dust jacket is very rare.
  • Second State: Publisher decided the price was to high and clipped the dust jacket and decreasing the price to $7.95, this version still has the Father Cody mistake. This state is not as scarce as the first state.
  • Third State:. Dust jacket is corrected from Father Cody change to Father Callahan, this state is much more common than the first or second state.  

  Father Cody Front Flap Error Salem's Lot Price Clip with $7.95

Limited Edition: In 2005, Centipede Press released a deluxe limited signed edition of Salem’s Lot with black and white photographs, the two short stories "Jerusalem’s Lot" and "One for the Road", and over fifty pages of deleted scenes. This book was limited to 300 copies signed by Stephen King and illustrator Jerry Uelsmann. Black cloth-covered boards with photo inset and matching black cloth slip case. Total weight of this book was over 13 pounds, 9 x 13 inches and over 4 1/4" thick.




Centipede Press Limited Edition Salem's LotCentipede Slip Cover 

Centipede Press Limited Edition

Following the release of the Centipede Press limited edition an illustrate trade edition was released by Doubleday

Salem's Lot Illustrated Edition

  • Hardcover: 600 pages
  • Publisher: Doubleday edition (November 1, 2005)
  • ISBN-10: 0385516487
  • ISBN-13: 978-0385516488
  • Book Size: 9.3 x 6.5 x 2 inches

Description: Stephen King's second published novel 

Ben Mears, a successful writer who grew up in the (fictional) town of Jerusalem’s Lot, Cumberland County, Maine (or “The Lot”, as the locals call it), has returned home following the death of his wife. Ben plans to write a book about the “Marsten house”, an abandoned mansion that gave him nightmares after a bad experience with it as a child. Once in town he meets local high school teacher Matt Burke and strikes up a romantic relationship with Susan Norton, a young college graduate.

Mears discovers that the Marsten house has been bought by Mr. Straker and Mr. Barlow, a pair of businessmen who are also new to the town, although only Straker has yet been seen. Their arrival coincides with the disappearance of a young boy, Ralphie Glick, and the suspicious death of his brother Danny. Over the course of the book, the town is slowly taken over by vampires, reducing it to a ghost town by day as they sleep. Ben, Matt, Susan, and a few other residents of the Lot try to prevent this from happening. In the end Ben and young Mark Petrie succeed in killing Straker and destroying the master vampire Barlow, but, lucky to escape with their lives, are forced to leave the town to the crop of newly-created vampires. An epilogue has the two returning to the town a year later, intending to renew the battle, but allusions in King’s later writings leave it an open question as to just how successful they are.

’Salem’s Lot is a combination of psychological thriller and the classic horror genre, making references to Bram Stoker's Dracula at several points and sometimes replicating its storyline.

The book was adapted into a 1979 TV movie of the same name, starring David Soul and James Mason. A sequel to that movie, A Return to Salem’s Lot, was made in 1987. Another TV movie was made in 2004, starring Rob Lowe, Andre Braugher and James Cromwell.

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