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Glossary of Book Terms - Letter T

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T.E.G or teg. - "Top edge gilt", meaning that the top edge of the page block has been painted gold. One reason is that it makes books easier to dust. See also "A.E.G", which means "all edges gilt."

TL or tl - Typed letter.

T.L.s or tls - Typed letter, signed

Table of contents - A table of contents, usually headed simply "Contents," is a list of the parts of a book or document organized in the order in which the parts appear. The contents usually includes the titles or descriptions of the first-level headers, such as chapter titles in longer works, and often includes second-level or section titles (A-heads) within the chapters as well, and occasionally even third-level titles (subsections or B-heads). The depth of detail in tables of contents depends on the length of the work, with longer works having less. Formal reports (ten or more pages and being too long to put into a memo or letter) also have tables of contents. Documents of fewer than ten pages do not require tables of contents, but often have a short list of contents at the beginning.

Tail - The lower margin of a leaf, cover or endpaper. Sometimes referred to as the bottom.

Tailpiece - Decorative typography ornament on the lower part of a page at the end of a chapter or a poem.

Text block - The signatures of a book, sewn and trimmed, but without covers, endpapers, or a binding. Also known as book block.

Thousands - Some publishers in the nineteenth century added a notice on the title page stating, for instance "Eighth Thousand" to indicate a later printing. Nnot first editions.

Three quarter binding - Volume has leather spine and corners which occupy approx. 3/4 of the space along top edge of board (cover). The remainder of the board is covered with marbled paper, plain paper, cloth, different leather.

Three-decker - A book in three volumes, almost exclusively used to describe Victorian novels of the late nineteenth century.

Tight - The binding of a new book is very tight; that is, the book will not open easily and generally does not want to remain open to any given page. As the book is used, the binding becomes looser until a well-used book may lay flat and remain open to any page in the book.

Tight back - The book that is bound very tight with an inflexible spine, almost to a fault because when it opens, the pages will not lie flat by themselves. However, as the book becomes well used, the binding will eventually loosen. The use of the tight back declined dramatically after about 1820, except by fine binders who often used it along with false raised bands. Also known as fast back.

Tipped In. - A leaf document or slip that is attached loosely in the book using past or gum.

Tirage - French for "a printing." Usually used for a limited edition, often numbered and dated.

Tissue - A thin, protective sheet laid over an illustration.

Title page - The page after the half-title page. The title page generally contains the title of the page, the author, the publisher, and occasionally the publication date.

Title Page Index - Used in describing periodicals to indicate that the title page and index are present; without a title page and index, the volume is incomplete.

TLS - Typed letter signed, as opposed to ALS, a handwritten letter signed by the writer.

Tooling - The decoration of a binding.

Top - The edge at the top of the book

Top edge gilded - The top edge of the book is coated with gold leaf. Also known as teg.

TP or tp - Title page

Trade cloth - The regular cloth edition of a book, not a limited edition.

Trade edition - The regular edition of a book, not a limited edition.

Trade paperback - A soft cover edition of a book that generally has a high-quality binding and is in a larger size format than a traditional paperback. Also known as quality paperback.

Trans - Translator

Trimmed - An adjective indicating that the pages have been cut down to a size smaller than when originally issued.

TS or ts- Typescript

Typed Letter Signed - A typewritten letter signed by hand.

Typescript - A typewritten copy of a work. It may be the author's original copy, a typewritten copy of the manuscript, or a typewritten copy done by a professional typist. See also manuscript.

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