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Glossary of Book Terms - Letter N

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N.D. or nd- No date

N.F. - Near Fine

N.P or n.p. - "No place" of publication provided in the imprint.

NS or n.s. - Note, signed

N.V.G. - Near Very Good

NAN - Nederlandsche Vereeniging Van Antiquaren, the Netherlands or Dutch Antiquarian Bookseller's Association.

NAP - "No additional printings." Many publishers do not explicitly identify the first printing of their first editions (with a number line or with a copyright page statement like "First Edition" or "First Printing" or "First Impression"), but they do state later printings. So first editions from these publishers can be identified if no additional printings are listed on the copyright page.

No Date - No date of publication mentioned within the book.

No Place - No place of publication listed in the book.

NUC - National Union Catalogue; when used in antiquarian book descriptions usually refers to the pre-1956 imprints NUC which lists Library of Congress holdings plus the holdings of all reporting libraries in the U.S. When a catalog description states "Not in NUC", the item described is usually rare (in terms of U.S. library holdings).

Number - An issue of a periodical.

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