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Glossary of Book Terms - Letter L

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L.P. or l.p. - Large paper.

Label - A square or rectangular piece of paper or leather attached to the spine of a book, containing printed information about the book, such as author, title, and volume number. Also known as backstrip label.

Laid In - A letter or other sheet(s) inserted but not glued or sewn into a book.

Laid Paper - A handmade paper showing parallel lines of the papermaking frame, visible when held up to the light.

Laminated - A thin layer of plastic that is adhered to another material, such as cloth or paper.

Large paper copy - a special edition printed with the pages reconfigured to result in larger leaves with very wide page margins; the text of the individual pages remaining the same as the normal edition; usually large paper copies are printed in small, limited editions.

Large paper edition - An edition of a book with pages in a larger format than those of the regular edition. Typically these are limited or de-luxe editions of a work.
Large Print - A book that is made with large type for the visually impaired.

Large print edition - Designed for people with poor eyesight, the words are printed in a larger size than in the regular edition.

Laydown - A a book that has been shipped to a retailer or reseller prior to the official publication date, and is not to be displayed or sold until the publication date.

Lea. - Leather

Leaf or Leaves - refers to the smallest, standard physical unit of paper in a printed piece; in the case of books and pamphlets, usually with a printed page on each side of a leaf; a broadside is printed on a single side of a single leaf.

Leather bound - A book that is bound and covered in leather.

Leatherette - An imitation of grained leather, produced from a strong, machine-glazed base paper. Many small prayer books, for example, are leatherette. See also imitation leather.

Ledgit - A label or memo slip projecting from a book's pages.

Levant - Elegant and highly polished morocco goatskin leather with a grain-pattern surface.

LF or lf - Leaf

Lge. - Large

Library Binding - A book with a stronger binding than the customary edition binding, and intended for use in a library.

Library edition - Refers to a book supposedly or actually printed on a better quality of paper and with a stronger binding than the standard edition. It can also refer to an edition, series, or set of books, produced in a uniform format.

Limitation - A statement of number of copies printed in an edition. See also limited edition.

Limited edition - An edition that is limited to a certain number of copies, is usually printed and bound luxuriously, and in some cases, may be signed by the author. The number of copies is given somewhere in the text of the book.

Limp or Limp Cover - A book that has a flexible cloth, leather, or vellum cover. In the last quarter of the 18th century and the first quarter of the 19th, limp leather covers were commonly used for books to be carried in the pocket. In the 20th century, the primary use was for cheap, educational, sentimental verse, or devotional books. Also known as limp cloth, limp binding, limp leather, or limp vellum.

Lith - lithograph, an illustration printed from stone, zinc, or other material.

Lithograph - An illustration printed from stone, zinc, or other material.

Loose - The binding of a new book is very tight; that is, the book will not open easily and generally does not want to remain open to any given page. As the book is used, the binding becomes looser until a well-used book may lay flat and remain open to any page in the book.

Loose-leaf - The binding of individual sheets of paper in an exchangeable form, for pages to be added, removed, or relocated in the book. Loose-leaf bindings are used wherever records of repeatedly changing information must be kept. Instruction manuals, catalogs, and accounting forms are often loose-leaf bound. Also known as ring-bound.

LS - Letter signed, a letter written by another, usually a secretary, but signed by the correspondent, as opposed to an ALS which is a letter written entirely in the hand of the correspondent.

Ltd - limited

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