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Glossary of Book Terms - Letter J

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Jacket - The printed or unprinted cover, usually paper, placed around the bound book. Sometimes called Dust Jacket (dj), Dust Wrapper (dw), dust cover or book jacket.

Jacket-Flap - The parts of a dust jacket tucked inside the front and rear endpapers of a book. This keeps the dust jacket on the book and may contain a synopsis of the book as well as several blurbs. The front jacket flap may also (hopefully) lest the price of the book.

Japan Vellum - A smooth, glossy paper, made in imitation of vellum, generally a light tan color. Also known as Japon Vellum.

Japon Vellum - A smooth, glossy, durable paper that looks and feels a little like vellum but is made from native fibers and is produced in Japan. Most commonly found in fancy or editions de luxe. Also known as Japan Vellum.

Joint - Tthe exterior flexible "hinge" where book cover meets book spine; "hinge" is usually used to designate the equivalent inside or interior flexible area. The joint is often an area that splits or cracks or otherswise shows wear in an older cloth or leather volume.

Journal - A periodical or magazine, especially one published for a special group, learned society, or profession.

Juvenile - A children's book.

Juvenile picture book binding - A sturdy style of binding that is designed for books used by children. The book jacket is usually a case.

Juveniles - Books originally or primarily written to be read by (or to) children.

Juvenilia - Work written when an author was extremely young, often as a child.

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